Working as a Nutrition Professional Using a Non-Diet Approach


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This event discusses how to work in the nutrition space using a non-diet approach. The event will last three hours and has three different speakers (see below for lineup).

Intuitive Eating with Registered Associate Nutritionist Kacie Shoulders

Intuitive Eating may be seen as one of the latest trends in nutrition, but it has been around since the 90s and is a structured framework you can use with your clients. This session will provide not only an overview of Intuitive Eating but some tips on how to use this framework with your clients without needing to be a specialist.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain what is involved in the Intuitive Eating Framework
  • Learn how to apply some of the Intuitive Eating Principles with your nutrition clients

Start with Why: Establish Your Professional Values to Make More Impact with Registered Associate Nutritionist Alex Okell

In this webinar, Alex will help you establish your professional values to let you move away from conformity and help you take up your own space. Take tangible steps to understand your “why” and how you can bake it into everything you do to create a business that feels in alignment with you.
Learning objectives:
  • Establish your professional values
  • Learn how to use your values to guide your business
  • How to confidently embody and radically embrace your values to make a change in the wellbeing industry
  • How to have laser-focused messaging to attract aligned clients and repel those who don’t fit

Ditching Diet Culture and Improving Body Image with Registered Associate Nutritionist Scarlett Gilbart

Looking into how we can lead by example of beating the dieting mentality as nutrition professionals, how this can be done for both professionals and clients, and the understanding why body image work is just as important

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding what the dieting mentality is and where this came from
  • How to unlearn the dieting mentality as a professional and how to help our clients
  • Understanding the importance of body image work and how this goes hand in hand with the dieting mentality
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