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Nutrition Graduates Networking Events

We are hosting various networking events during 2024. These will be held in different locations around the UK. 

Click the link below to find out more and book your place!

Membership Features

The Nutrition Graduates membership provides access to the highest quality content, information & guidance to support you in your nutrition journey. 

The key feature is the Nutrition Library which hosts all webinar recordings on demand!

Webinar Recordings

Recordings from every Nutrition Graduates Webinar will be available on-demand. If you miss the live webinar, watch back at your leisure.


Premium event recordings will be available in the Nutrition Library alongside discount & early ticket access for future events.


We have video interviews with industry leaders detailing their journey into nutrition and providing advice & insight into their roles.


Nutrition Graduates are proud to provide courses to help support your nutrition journey and up-skill in different areas.

Nutrition Graduates Membership Testimonials

Absolutely love the Nutrition Library! Such a cheap price with so much value. The Library has such a range of subjects covered and great speakers!

As a student of BSc Nutrition and Human Health, I find the content an excellent addition to my academic studies. The content is varied, interesting and accessible. I am looking forward to continuing to use it throughout my final year and when I graduate.

An invaluable resource! The Nutrition Library played a crucial role in expanding my nutrition knowledge. Highly recommended! 

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