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On Saturday 8th February 2020, I decided that I wanted to start a Facebook group to connect with others that had recently graduated from Nutrition degrees and were a little lost, like myself. I genuinely thought it would just be a Facebook group with my university course mates, and maybe the odd friend I had made through Instagram. I could not have imagined how the group would have grown over just a year.

If I am honest, I do think that the timing of the group was ideal during the global pandemic, as it kept us connected and let us all know that we are in this together and you are not the only one paddling through it!

I thought I would use this post as a good way to reflect on the last year:

February 2020

Nutrition Graduates Facebook group was started. We gained 100 followers in the first day.

April 2020

The first few virtual networking sessions were held via Zoom. Since then we have been running them frequently during all lockdowns to help keep us connected.

May 2020

500 members hit! This was such a big achievement for me. We also ran talks about public health, freelancing and international nutrition which involved some great nutritionists sharing their stories and answering lots of questions

June 2020

Even more talks from nutrition lecturers, public health nutritionists and networking was held while we were all still staying home.

August 2020

We set up an instagram page for those that do not have Facebook. I also had the wonderful Charlotte Lily Thompson and Amber Davey come and join me as the group was growing so much I needed help! We also hit 1000 members on the Facebook group!

September 2020

We ran our first online careers event which involved talks about AfN registration, going back to university to do a masters, social media and a panel of wonderful nutritionists. There were 100 tickets per talk and we sold out one of the talks within 5 hours.

November 2020

Lockdown 2.0 began so we ran 2 virtual networking sessions per week to keep up the social aspect and ensure no one is struggling alone.

Our first newsletter was sent out too which now goes out bi-monthly. If you want to receive a copy to keep up with the latest news and updates going on with Nutrition Graduates then here is the link:

December 2020

We held our first event for Charity where we raised over £100 for MIND. We had an awards ceremony with nominations and all votes come from those on the Facebook group, a quiz and lots of very generous brands donating prizes for us to giveaway. It was the perfect end to a bit of a strange year.

We also launched our website which includes a job page, CPD opportunities and a blog for students and graduates of nutrition to write for. This was something I had wanted to create for so long but wanted to make sure that it was perfect before launching. It is updated weekly and we will be adding more to it as we grow and expand!

January 2021

Lockdown 3.0 came so obviously we knew we had to get virtual networking back up and running. It's honestly my favourite part of the group, I've met so many wonderful people through it and I can't wait to one day meet up in person!

We also had the wonderful Heather McCaw join us to help out with the website. So exciting that there are now 4 of us in this little team!

I can't say a big enough thank you to you all and I honestly can't wait to see where the next year takes us!

Lucy Jade xx

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