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Updated: Jun 21

At Nutrition Graduates, we know that networking can be so powerful and it's always great to connect with other nutritionists in your area to bounce ideas off and just widen your network. Below is a list of our reps from around the country, feel free to get in touch with them and get involved in the meet-ups!

Beth Tripp (Fareham):

I am a very motivated and organised individual, sometimes probably too organised haha I am always way ahead on my uni work. I completed my Psychology degree last year and I then took this into the route of nutrition. I am currently studying an MSc in Nutrition and Behaviour which is sooo interesting, and I cannot wait to graduate in August and get into the field of work. Before I do this, I am seeking more experience in my field to take through with me in my nutrition journey, this opportunity would definitely allow me to do that I am currently making a move towards a more eco and sustainable way of life, so I stopped buying fast fashion last year and am now choosing products that are more eco-friendly. I also really love going for walks, mainly with my cockapoo Bailey, although he doesn’t actually want to go with me most of the time haha.

You can contact me via or through my instagram @nutri_beth or twitter @nutri_beth

Charan Gill (London):

I am really interested in being a rep even though I’ve been a graduate for a few years now I still love connecting with other nutritionists and nutrition professionals! I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2017 with a MSc in Public Health Nutrition and in the last 4 years I’ve been working in children’s weight management which I love and also balancing research roles alongside patient facing roles. Over the years I have transitioned more into research roles and currently work at Imperial College London doing a pre-doctoral fellowship. I love talking to others about the different career routes that nutritionists can take! I grew up in Canada and have been in the UK the last 5 years as love meeting new people and other nutritionists!

My contact details:


IG handle: nutritionbycharan_

Joshua Clamp (Sheffield):

Hi, my name is Josh. I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Medical Physiology at the University of Manchester then took a year out to explore South America. I'm now completing my MSc in Human Nutrition at the University of Sheffield, after which I hope to find a job as a health coach. I love trail running, climbing, and overindulgent picnics - which is why I love being near the Peaks! I'm excited to get to know some of the other nutritionists in the Sheffield area. My contact details are:

Email: Twitter: @clamp_josh Instagram: @sustainablehealthguy

Kiu Sum (London):

Hello! I'm Kiu and currently a Doctoral Researcher in nutrition and previously completely a BSc and MRes in Human Nutrition. Nutrition Graduates is such a fantastic group for networking opportunities - sharing our experiences and finding out more about what we can do from our nutrition (or related) degrees. I am pleased to work with others and be one of the London reps, helping get us all to connect up in the capital! I am always happy to have conversations with anyone, so please do reach out, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Twitter: @KiuSum

Instagram: @kiu_sum

Rebecca Avgerinopoulou (Manchester):

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm an ANutr and currently working as an Adult Weight Management Practitioner for MoreLife in Greater Manchester.

My previous experience is varied, from being a Self‐employed Personal Trainer, to working in Diabetes Prevention.

I'm currently deciding which MSc to pursue after completing my BSc Nutritional Science in 2019 at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Outside of Nutrition, I love hiking and my sport of choice is pole dance! Something a little different after years of powerlifting and running.

My contact details are:

Twitter: @BexAvgers

Insta: NutritiousLifeWithBex

Rachel Fletcher (Derby):

I'm Rachel Fletcher and have just completed my BSc in Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle at Sheffield Hallam. I'm currently working towards setting up my own business as a nutrition counsellor and my main interests are the non-diet approach, intuitive eating and performance nutrition. Yes, they are quite varied!

I live in Derby and would love to meet up with fellow nutritionists/students in the area.

My email is: and my Insta handle is: @rachelfletchernutrition

Grace O’Brien (South West London):

My name is Grace, I am 24 and live in London (South West). I am nearing the end of my MSc in Global Public Health Nutrition at the University of Westminster which I have absolutely loved. I am spending this summer writing my dissertation which will analyse representations of obesity in the UK media during the COVID-19 pandemic - I find this topic really interesting and I'm hoping to pursue a career either in obesity policy/interventions or in health coaching! I am a big foodie so in my free time I love to cook, read restaurant menus and find great food spots in London and then I blog about it on my instagram (@thegracefoodfeed). I also love going to the gym, singing, running and I play recreational netball. I am really looking forward to connecting with other nutrition graduates and helping each other navigate post-uni life as nutritionists :)


Poppie Cooper (Brighton):

My name is Poppie and I live in Brighton! I graduated my MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition at UCL in September 2020 and have since been working at Bupa as a Health Advisor (Covid Testing Operative). Although Covid testing isn’t quite what I imagined myself doing post-uni its been really great to be helping with the pandemic! I’m still on the hunt for a nutrition role but in the meantime would love to meet and connect other nutrition graduates in my area (plus, any excuse to go out for food is a bonus!). Having moved back to Brighton after my studies, I'm keen to meet people that live closer to home and hope that this role will also allow me to encourage others to get together, as social activities have been a little limited over the past year!

I can be contacted at and +447957749036

Wanja Nyaga (Aberdeen):

I am a registered Nutritionist, a proactive person with over two years' experience in Human Nutrition. I hold a BSc Nutrition & Dietetics (University of Nairobi) and MSc Human Nutrition (University of Aberdeen).

I'm passionate about Global Nutrition and Nutrition Advocacy. I am currently interning at NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health - UK.

I am also the founder of The Kenyan Telenutritionist - a platform through which I am devoted to sharing nutrition education with the public. I believe that good nutrition is fundamental for general well-being, national and global development. Advocacy is my greatest tool to get everyone on board towards scaling up nutrition.


Email :

Instagram : @thekenyantelenutritionist

Victoria (Vicki) Lawrence (Bournemouth):

My name is Vicki and I am a registered associate nutritionist. I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Nutrition from Bournemouth University in 2020 and I am in the final stages of my MSc Nutrition and Behaviour, also at BU. I have a background in fitness instructing and my approach to wellbeing is to help people find healthy activities and food they enjoy.

I love coffee and exploring new places and I would love to combine this with meeting up with local nutritionists and dietitians - A good network is absolutely vital to supporting our clients and increasing our own awareness of the industry. I live in Bournemouth and would love to connect with anyone local and get some great discussions underway.




Katrina (London – Southeast):

My name is Katrina. I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist, currently working as a Registered Vaccinator for the NHS and I am part of the online lecture committee for Caroline Walker trust.

I am interested in networking and learning from fellow nutritionists specialising in different areas. I am excited to help organising and participating in these networking events that everyone is longing for in the current climate. It will be truly amazing to create the opportunities for us to share this common passion and to grow our nutrition community!

My email address is and I am based in Southeast London.

Megan McPherson (Glasgow):

My name is Megan, I live in Glasgow, and I am a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2020 with a master’s degree in Human Nutrition (with specialisation in obesity and weight management). Since graduating, I started working as a nutritionist at Nutrition Scotland, which I am really enjoying. I am passionate about challenging diet culture and dispelling nutrition misinformation online, how our body image is affected by social media and sharing practical ways to eat more veg. In my spare time I love trying new plant-based recipes, indoor climbing and going for picnics in the park (when it’s not raining in Glasgow). Looking forward to meeting other nutritionists!


Instagram and Twitter: @meganmnutrition

Tina Sabbagh – Perth/Glasgow/Edinburgh (Central Scotland):

I have been a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AfN since 2018, when I graduated from my Master of Medical Science degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Glasgow, where I specialised in obesity and weight management. Upon graduating, I began working for Obesity Action Scotland, a third sector organisation advocating for improved obesity-related policy. During my time there, I worked in policy and communications, undertaking independent research, writing briefings and factsheets for MSPs, policymakers and the public, and communicated our work through social media, blogs and traditional media campaigns. I also completed a secondment as a Policy and Communications officer with ASH Scotland, where my work focused on e-cigarette advertising and marketing to young people. More recently, I have worked with the Obesity Health Alliance in England, as well as being the most recent Alliance Coordinator of the Scottish Obesity Alliance, a group of 27 organisations advocating for improved policy and practice surrounding the prevention of obesity in Scotland.

My email address is and my Twitter handle is @ChristinaSabba (I don’t currently use Instagram, so this is the best place to catch me). Please find a photo of me attached.

Bhamini Patel – Northampton:

Hi my name is Bhamini. I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist. I have been working in a healthy lifestyle programme for the last two years and this meant working with weight management clients. I have recently also been working on the children’s weight management which I feel so passionately about. Over the last few years, I have had a growing interest in sports nutrition and type 2 diabetes.

I believe that nutrition is a key component and is a rising issue within the nation. It is all about education and encouraging people into making healthier choices. Another reason as to why I like to work with children is because if you teach them at a younger age they will grow up making healthier choices and spreading the word across their generation.

My contact details include:

Email –

Instagram – bhamini_nutrition

Twitter – bhamini_patel

Denisa Dufkova – Peterborough:

My name is Denisa and I am a Nutritionist (ANutr) based in Peterborough, East Anglia.

I graduated with a First-class degree in BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition at the University of Worcester in 2018 and since then, I was able to gather experience in NPD and both private and public health sectors. I am currently working in the NHS sector as a Specialist Health Trainer under the brand Healthy You Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, as well as a self-employed Nutritionist. I am also re-opening my clinic Apothecary 21 this week to start seeing my private clients face-to-face after lockdown, as well as working closely with a local outreach charity Compas Peterborough. I love bringing people together and have the passion to share experience and new opportunities with fellow nutritionists, which I have been actively doing since I was a Human Nutrition Course Representative and Ambassador. Therefore, the opportunity to be a local Nutrition Graduates representative is something very close to my heart and I would be honoured to be considered to lead future engagements in the area.

You can find me on: Instagram Facebook

Or my website

Izabela Hubner – London – Hackney:

My name is Izabela Hubner and I live in east London (Hackney). I will be graduating in July from the University of Westminster and plan on going back to the university in September for a masters on public health nutrition.

I am 22 and a mother to two little boys, a soon to be 3 year old and a 4 month old. For this reason, I am really interested in childhood, prenatal and postnatal nutrition and really want to work with those groups. I have an instagram page @thenutrimummy where I have started to show my work in these areas and hope to build on it now that I am graduating.

I am happy to be contacted through my instagram page anytime. I would be happy to be a rep and meet many other nutrition graduates in the area as I find networking super important and as a mum it is often hard to attend conferences, so this will be a great opportunity for me.

Danielle Stephens – Bath:

I graduated in September from King's College with an MSc in Nutrition. I am currently working as a nutritionist for a healthy lifestyle service which is commissioned by several councils in the UK, called BeeZee Bodies. I am still finding my feet in nutrition and I am still unsure where my true interest and passion lies. I would love the opportunity to meet and network with other nutritionists in the Bath area, I love meeting new people and talking all things nutrition and it would be so nice to meet people face to face now the restrictions are easing!

I also have an evidence-based myth busting nutrition blog which I have written a few articles on...I do need to get back into this however, life and a new job have just gotten in thway! But the website for my blog is: would be the best email to use to contact me!

I don't have an instagram account...something I have been trying to pluck up the courage to start but haven't managed yet...hopefully soon!

Phoebe Wood – London – South West/Kingston:

I graduated in 2020 with a BSc Human Nutrition (Hons) from Kingston University London. I am located in South-West London in Surbiton and I am currently working as a Food preparation and Nutrition Technician at a school. In my spare time, I enjoy playing board games and video games, going to the gym, exploring cafes, and viewing art and design exhibitions.

My contact details are: or message me on my Instagram @pow.nutrition.

Amber Davey - Leicester

Hi! I'm Amber and I'm the new Nutrition Graduates rep for Leicestershire!

I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science in 2018 and after working as a Food Technologist for a couple of years I decided to embark on a Masters degree in Global Public Health Nutrition at Westminster University, I'm fascinated by food systems and their influence on health and nutrition as well as working collaboratively with people to improve their health in a sustainable way. There's just my dissertation to complete before I'm finished and get to graduate later this year!

I've been working with the Nutrition Graduates gang since last year and it's been wonderful to connect with so many lovely people. I believe in the power of networking, I wouldn't have gotten my current job as a Health Coach without it (& Lucy of course!).

If you're a Leicestershire based nutrition student or graduate then please reach out to me. I'd love to arrange meet ups to connect with like minded people in my area.

My email address is:

Instagram handle: @eatwithamber_


Simran Arora - North West London

I am Simran Arora, a Public Health Nutritionist. I completed my MSc in Global Public Health Nutrition from the University of Westminster, London in 2020. I have worked as a Fitness Nutrition Coach. As a certified coach and trainer, I help women with sustainable weight management solutions and help them with the prevention strategies for avoiding lifestyle diseases.

I am a mum to two kids so somehow can relate to most of the Nutritionist mums juggling real life scenarios and bringing knowledge into practice :) I believe that everyone deserves a right to Nutrition Support. Also, I feel strongly about the need to work for the prevention of Childhood Obesity and my Master's Dissertation looked at the Lifestyle Changes for parents of kids in their early years (0 - 5). I have been working on a project for Holistic Wellness for Families in the Community and provide my services as a Freelance Nutrition Professional. I am also into volunteering work as a Research Assistant and a Mentor with Bags Of Taste.

I believe in the collective efforts of our community of Nutritionists and strongly advocate supporting each other on this journey. Nutrition Graduates is a brilliant platform for connecting Nutritionists and opportunities to take our knowledge and practices to the next level by CPD and Journal Club.

I am based in Northwest London and if you are a Nutrition student or Graduate based in NorthWest London, please reach out to me. I would love to arrange meet-ups and look forward to connecting with you all.

My email address is

Instagram Handle: @simran_nutritionandfitness

LinkedIn Profile:

Natali Papadaki - North West London

Hi everyone, my name is Natali, I will be a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr.) this summer and soon-to-be RD. I have just completed my B.Sc. in Human Nutrition (with Exercise sciences) at the University of Westminster in London, and I will be starting an MSc in Dietetics at London Metropolitan, in September 2021. This will be my second degree, as I initially completed a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of Birmingham with a 2:1 and was working full-time at KPMG, as a trainee financial auditor. After taking a gap year and volunteering with cancer patients, I ended up following my passion for nutrition by also completing a Science Foundation year at the University of Westminster. I then transitioned into a sales and marketing role in a food start-up company in London, helping to promote natural low-sugar snack bars, after wanting to gain some work experience in the food industry.

My passion for dietetics has stemmed from working directly with patients in a private clinic under the direct supervision of a Registered Dietitian in my final year of university, leading over 60 nutritional consultations in patients with obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, pregnancy and other chronic diseases, and wanting to know more about gastrointestinal disorders specifically. I'm hoping to pursue a career in dietetics, whilst also pursuing my own health coaching on the side which I have started to do on my Instagram page (@Nattrition_cy) by taking on clients and helping them achieve their goals. I have a passion for helping individuals lose weight and improve their health outcomes, predominantly through the Mediterranean diet (I come from the beautiful island of Cyprus) and wanting to show others how to put knowledge into application! In my free time I love to go to the gym, practice yoga, row, find great food spots in London, and cook quick and easy recipes which don’t require too many ingredients (I have been a desk-office worker, I know what it’s like to have too little time!).

I am really looking forward to connecting with other nutrition graduates, as I love meeting new people and catching up with them over a quick cuppa! Please don’t hesitate to connect with me on my Instagram and Twitter accounts @Nattrition_cy or my email .

Duaa Ahmad - Bradford

Hello I'm Duaa and I live in Bradford. I graduated with a BSc Nutritional Sciences in 2019 and became a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AFN. I recently got a job in the NHS working in children's weight management. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, love a good brunch and iced coffee, and always trying to keep a plant alive! I love participating in a variety of CPD webinars and courses and found that networking with nutritionists and nutrition graduates really motivating, so I decided to become a Bradford rep for NG to help nutrition graduates like myself have a circle of like-minded people with similar interests! My interests in nutrition are intuitive eating and children's nutrition, specifically weaning. I am happy to be contacted on any of my social media accounts or via email.

Instagram: @dulicious.nutrition or Twitter: @dualrashidi Email:

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