Nutrition Graduates Reps!

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At Nutrition Graduates, we know that networking can be so powerful and it's always great to connect with other nutritionists in your area to bounce ideas off and just widen your network. Below is a list of our reps from around the country, feel free to get in touch with them and get involved in the meet-ups!

Charan Gill (London):

I am really interested in being a rep even though I’ve been a graduate for a few years now I still love connecting with other nutritionists and nutrition professionals! I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2017 with a MSc in Public Health Nutrition and in the last 4 years I’ve been working in children’s weight management which I love and also balancing research roles alongside patient facing roles. Over the years I have transitioned more into research roles and currently work at Imperial College London doing a pre-doctoral fellowship. I love talking to others about the different career routes that nutritionists can take! I grew up in Canada and have been in the UK the last 5 years as love meeting new people and other nutritionists!

My contact details:


IG handle: nutritionbycharan_

Joshua Clamp (Sheffield):

Hi, my name is Josh. I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Medical Physiology at the University of Manchester then took a year out to explore South America. I'm now completing my MSc in Human Nutrition at the University of Sheffield, after which I hope to find a job as a health coach. I love trail running, climbing, and overindulgent picnics - which is why I love being near the Peaks! I'm excited to get to know some of the other nutritionists in the Sheffield area. My contact details are:

Email: Twitter: @clamp_josh Instagram: @sustainablehealthguy

Kiu Sum (London):

Hello! I'm Kiu and currently a Doctoral Researcher in nutrition and previously completely a BSc and MRes in Human Nutrition. Nutrition Graduates is such a fantastic group for networking opportunities - sharing our experiences and finding out more about what we can do from our nutrition (or related) degrees. I am pleased to work with others and be one of the London reps, helping get us all to connect up in the capital! I am always happy to have conversations with anyone, so please do reach out, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Twitter: @KiuSum

Instagram: @kiu_sum

Rebecca Avgerinopoulou (Manchester):

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm an ANutr and currently working as an Adult Weight Management Practitioner for MoreLife in Greater Manchester.

My previous experience is varied, from being a Self‐employed Personal Trainer, to working in Diabetes Prevention.

I'm currently deciding which MSc to pursue after completing my BSc Nutritional Science in 2019 at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Outside of Nutrition, I love hiking and my sport of choice is pole dance! Something a little different after years of powerlifting and running.

My contact details are:

Twitter: @BexAvgers

Insta: NutritiousLifeWithBex

Rachel Fletcher (Derby):

I'm Rachel Fletcher and have just completed my BSc in Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle at Sheffield Hallam. I'm currently working towards setting up my own business as a nutrition counsellor and my main interests are the non-diet approach, intuitive eating and performance nutrition. Yes, they are quite varied!

I live in Derby and would love to meet up with fellow nutritionists/students in the area.

My email is: and my Insta handle is: @rachelfletchernutrition

Grace O’Brien (South West London):

My name is Grace, I am 24 and live in London (South West). I am nearing the end of my MSc in Global Public Health Nutrition at the University of Westminster which I have absolutely loved. I am spending this summer writing my dissertation which will analyse representations of obesity in the UK media during the COVID-19 pandemic - I find this topic really interesting and I'm hoping to pursue a career either in obesity policy/interventions or in health coaching! I am a big foodie so in my free time I love to cook, read restaurant menus and find great food spots in London and then I blog about it on my instagram (@thegracefoodfeed). I also love going to the gym, singing, running and I play recreational netball. I am really looking forward to connecting with other nutrition graduates and helping each other navigate post-uni life as nutritionists :)


Poppie Cooper (Brighton):

My name is Poppie and I live in Brighton! I graduated my MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition at UCL in September 2020 and have since been working at Bupa as a Health Advisor (Covid Testing Operative). Although Covid testing isn’t quite what I imagined myself doing post-uni its been really great to be helping with the pandemic! I’m still on the hunt for a nutrition role but in the meantime would love to meet and connect other nutrition graduates in my area (plus, any excuse to go out for food is a bonus!). Having moved back to Brighton after my studies, I'm keen to meet people that live closer to home and hope that this role will also allow me to encourage others to get together, as social activities have been a little limited over the past year!

I can be contacted at and +447957749036

Wanja Nyaga (Aberdeen):

I am a registered Nutritionist, a proactive person with over two years' experience in Human Nutrition. I hold a BSc Nutrition & Dietetics (University of Nairobi) and MSc Human Nutrition (University of Aberdeen).

I'm passionate about Global Nutrition and Nutrition Advocacy. I am currently interning at NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health - UK.

I am also the founder of The Kenyan Telenutritionist - a platform through which I am devoted to sharing nutrition education with the public. I believe that good nutrition is fundamental for general well-being, national and global development. Advocacy is my greatest tool to get everyone on board towards scaling up nutrition.


Email :

Instagram : @thekenyantelenutritionist