Hey, I’m Lucy, and I founded the Nutrition Graduates Facebook group back in February 2020 after feeling like a bit of an imposter in the ‘professional’ nutritionist groups. I graduated in September 2019 and wanted to create a space where others at the start of their career could connect and support each other⁣

My current job is in Coventry dealing with weight management and helping those in the most deprived areas get healthier ⁣

I’m looking forward to seeing how much this group can grow and I’m so grateful for all of your support and positive feedback so far!! 

Lucy Jade


From a small town in Leicestershire & from a big family of eaters, I'm a massive foodie & got fed up of contradicting health and nutrition information out there, so I went to find out the real science for myself. 

I joined the NG team a few months after I met Lucy at a virtual networking chat over the Summer and when she posted in the NG Facebook group asking for a helping hand I definitely knew I wanted to contribute in some way. There is so much power in networking, without Lucy I wouldn't be in the job I have today, so I'll always be grateful for that. It also shows the importance of putting yourself out there, connecting with others in your field and making yourself known. 

Leaving uni and entering the working world is always a daunting experience, and I felt there needed to be more support in not only finding work after graduating, but making the transition from student to professional much smoother. Something Nutrition Graduates wants to support people with!

Amber Davey

I’m Charlotte Lily & graduated from Plymouth university with a BSc hons in nutrition, exercise & health in 2019, & joined the Nutrition Graduates team a few months after Lucy started it. 

I come from a small village in Devon & loved creating in the kitchen from the moment my mum started to teaching me to cook (I am 3 years old in the earliest photo of being stood with her at the stove on a stool in an oversized apron). She still inspires me to this day!

I’m currently a freelance nutritionist (ANutr), working with clients on energy intake & output analysis. My main interest is in a non-diet approach to help create a healthier, long-term relationship with food. 

Nutrition Graduates is an incredible group & one I wish had been there whilst I was a student, so I am honoured to be a part of it now to help current and future grads! 

Charlotte Lily Thompson

Headshot of me.jpg

I’m Heather and I graduated with a BSc in Applied Food and Nutrition, back in September 2019. I joined the NG admin team after Lucy contacted me asking for extra support.

I’ve had an interest in food for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease but my mum always ensured that I never felt left out when it came to my diet. Having coeliac disease is probably what inspired me to pursue a career in nutrition.

Before joining the team, I was grateful just to be part of Nutrition Graduates. Navigating your way in life after graduation can be confusing and at times frustrating, so it was great to have a network of people to seek advice from.  My hope is that I can provide as much support to current and future graduates as possible!

Heather McCaw